Vampires of Venice

There really are vampires: the Doctor's met them. But the vampires of Venice are something else: sea-dwelling refugees from the destroyed world of Saturnyne.

Fact titleFact data
Other Names: Sisters of the Water
Home Planet: Saturnyne
True Appearance: Not pretty
Weaknesses: Aversion to sunlight
First Appearance The Vampires of Venice

The true form of such creatures is a dark, leathery beast, something like a shark. They hide that body beneath a perception filter that manipulates the brainwaves of whoever's looking at them. Which means that sometimes you won't see them in mirrors. But a human's sense of self preservation means they're always aware of the fangs. In their natural form these vicious predators live underwater.

Remember us. Dream of us... Vampires of Venice

To continue their species the disguised survivors of Saturnyne drank from their female human victims until all the liquid had been removed from them. Then they replaced that liquid with their own blood. Gradually, the alien blood changed the victim into one of the aliens, ready to mate with the male aliens, hiding and feeding in the Venetian canals.

Vampires of Venice

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