Episode 11

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Lark Rise to Candleford, Series 3 Episode 11 of 12

Duration: 1 hour

Mischief Night is approaching and the folks of Lark Rise and Candleford are excitedly planning tricks to play on their neighbours. But Laura is in no mood for silly pranks - Fisher Bloom has returned, intent on winning her back, and it has thrown her feelings for Daniel into turmoil.

Pearl and Edmund are determined to protect Daniel and Laura from heartbreak, but will their mischievous tricks to make Fisher leave succeed, and how will Daniel respond to a rival for Laura's affections?


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  • The Clockmaker Returns

    Fisher returns to Candleford and meets Daniel, but each is unaware of the other’s relationship with Laura. Dorcas, Minnie and Sydney prepare for mischief night; who will they choose as their victim?

  • Fisher’s Challenge

    Daniel persuades Fisher to stay in Candleford to mend his printing press. Laura can’t bring herself to tell Daniel about her relationship with Fisher and she snaps at Dorcas when she offers advice.

  • Laura’s Confession

    Laura tells Daniel about Fisher and her words of reassurance ring hollow. Dorcas, Minnie and Sydney prepare to play a trick on Pearl. In Lark Rise, Twister tells Alf he has too much responsibility.

  • Fisher’s Warning

    Fisher warns Dorcas that her business may be threatened by the new railway. He also confides that he still has feelings for Laura.

  • A Trick on Fisher

    Edmund and Pearl try to convince Fisher that Laura’s heart belongs to Daniel - will Fisher sense that they’re trying too hard?

  • Laura and Fisher

    Fisher tells Laura how he really feels about her, but does she feel the same? A case of mistaken identity upsets Minnie and Queenie claims her own mischief night victims.

  • The Town Clock

    Daniel’s decision to stop the town clock could have serious consequences for his relationship with Laura. Will his gamble pay off? Minnie has an encounter that leaves her on cloud nine.


Daniel Parish
Ben Aldridge
Queenie Turrill
Linda Bassett
Ruby Bentall
Lizzie Arless
Hope Yeomans
Edward Darnell-Hayes
Sally Arless
Sophie Miles
Alf Arless
John Dagleish
Frank Timmins
Fergus Drysdale
Laura Timmins
Olivia Hallinan
Fisher Bloom
Matthew McNulty
Twister Turrill
Karl Johnson
Edmund Timmins
Thomas Rhys Jones
Adult Laura
Sarah Lancashire
Ethel Timmins
Martha Murdoch
Dorcas Lane
Julia Sawalha
Baby Patience
Caitlin Smith
Pearl Pratt
Matilda Ziegler
Patrick Lau
Ann Tricklebank
Bill Gallagher


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