Episode 10

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Jonathan Ross nestles into the presenter's chair for the final time, reviewing new releases including The Bounty Hunter, and providing behind-the-scenes access to major upcoming films including Clash of the Titans.

  • Jonathan's review of The Bounty Hunter

    Jonathan's review of The Bounty Hunter

  • "just a big screen sit-com"

    As you might expect from a high-concept Hollywood rom-com, 'The Bounty Hunter' is slick, bouncy, professional - and quite slight. It breezes along happily enough, though perhaps for longer than it should given that it's just a big screen sit-com.

    The idea that Aniston's character would run foul of the law is a little hard to take, but life's too short to spend time analysing the premises and plots of feather-light comedies. These are the kind of movies that rely on the likeability of their leads and the chemistry between them, and on these counts 'The Bounty Hunter' scores reasonably high.

    So it's possible to live with the fact that the movie's skewed rather too heavily towards silly, situation-driven humour and the use of music is ham-fisted - because as ever Gerard Butler is fun to watch on screen and Jennifer Aniston reminds us what a skilled comedienne she is. And she looks great, which is an inspiration to all us other 41 year-olds…

  • Jonathan's review of I Love You Phillip Morris

    Jonathan's review of I Love You Phillip Morris

  • "refreshing, unusual and admirable"

    'I Love You Phillip Morris' is about as off the scale as rom-coms go, and if you didn't know it had a basis in fact, you might be tempted to assume that it's joint writers and directors had been smoking something they shouldn't…

    As it is, this remarkable story is brilliantly told, with an outstanding central performance by Jim Carrey, who's never been better.

    When he's played - for want of a better word - 'normal' characters in the past, there's often been a sense that he's reining in some of his extraordinary comic energy.

    But here, playing a bizarre individual rooted in the real world, he's got every reason to let rip and put a larger-than-life, manic personality on the screen in a way that's not only justified but almost required by this loopy set of circumstances.

    Opposite him, Ewan McGregor delivers a fantastically well-judged, straight, intimate performance that plays brilliantly off Carrey's exuberance, and that's just one more successful element of a film where everything - editing, cinematography, music - really hits the spot. In short I loved this refreshing, unusual and admirable comedy, which left me oddly touched as well as making me laugh out loud.

  • Jonathan's review of My Last Five Girlfriends

    Jonathan's review of My Last Five Girlfriends

  • "I'm surprised it's being released"

    'My Last Five Girlfriends' may not be the worst film I've ever seen, but unfortunately it's a serious contender.

    Peculiar in structure, tone and execution, it's so full of misjudged gimmicks, graphics and weird cameo appearances that there's no chance whatever to engage with any of the characters.

    It feels almost wrong to be judging it against professional features as it looks more like a not terribly proficient student film - and I have to say I'm surprised it's being released.

  • Jonathan's review of Scouting Book for Boys

    Jonathan's review of Scouting Book for Boys

  • "expertly made"

    By contrast 'The Scouting Book for Boys' is expertly made. The cinematography in particular is excellent, while the lead performances from Thomas Turgoose and Holliday Granger are very strong and the film feels convincing and real.

    I do have a problem with it though, and one that's common to so many British films. Because for all its qualities, I can't really see why an audience would go to watch it at the cinema in any great numbers.


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