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Now in cahoots with Peggy, Danny tries to persuade Roxy to buy Booty, the closed down beauty salon. After a bit of sweet-talking, and a cheeky flirt with a rival bidder, Roxy seems set to put in an offer, she can afford it after all. The conspirators’ glee is stifled, though, when Ian mocks Roxy for even considering such a worthless venture as the salon. Danny and Peggy are confused, and a little put out, when Roxy tells them that she is no longer planning to make a bid.

The Beales, and Jane in particular, are struggling to cope now that their secret is out in the open. Zainab provokes Jane at the book club, Carol puts Ian in his place at the launderette and Lucy ends up with the word ‘skank’ stuck to her back. Wanting to shoulder some responsibility, Leon approaches Lucy who hopes that he may be interested in a relationship with her. Her dreams are crushed, however, when he merely offers to accompany her to the clinic. She tells him that he is not needed because he is not the father.

The residents of Walford are suspicious when they see that Mo is planning a fun run for sport relief but although reluctant at first, they begin to sign up one-by-one.

It is the first day for Billie and Carol in their new jobs. Billie does well and impresses Ricky with his knowledge of motors. Carol, on the other hand, refuses to do Dot’s induction and insists that she can handle the launderette on her own. Ignoring the warnings, she puts Ian’s washing into a broken machine and he is understandably upset to find his load ripped to shreds. Dot then insists that Carol do the full induction and, unhappy at the insinuation that she might need training in how to fold socks, she quits.

Charlie, Dot, Jean and Denise suffer a disappointment when their petition falls on the deaf ears of the council. Trying to steer their thoughts away from digging up the ground, Lucas suggests that a youth project might keep the youngsters from vandalising the gardens and solve the problem at its roots. Having left to make tea, Lucas returns to the lounge to find that the three have decided, if the council refuses to dig up the gardens, they will do it themselves.

Phil and Minty discuss their taste in women and, with Shirley in earshot, Phil is holding back. After she has left and Phil has given a truthful answer, he is shocked to hear Minty tell him that his description of an ideal woman is a description of Shirley. The tempestuous lovers come together when Phil throws two women out of the Vic following a dispute with Shirley.

When Roxy’s rival bidder comes into the Vic, she tells him that the salon is his; she is no longer interested in buying. To her surprise, he tells her that he was merely doing some legwork for a partner. Everyone is shocked when Ronnie walks in and announces her plans to buy Booty and turn it into a bar.

30 minutes

Last on

Mon 15 Mar 2010 22:00


Role Contributor
Roxy MitchellRita Simons
Peggy MitchellBarbara Windsor
Ronnie MitchellSamantha Womack
Tim BrownKeir Charles
Danny MitchellLiam Bergin
Mitchell, PhilSteve McFadden
Minty PetersonCliff Parisi
Shirley CarterLinda Henry
Heather TrottCheryl Fergison
Dot BranningJune Brown
Carol JacksonLindsey Coulson
Billie JacksonDevon Anderson
Lucy BealeMelissa Suffield
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Jane BealeLaurie Brett
Peter BealeThomas Law
Leon SmallSam Attwater
Fat BoyRicky Norwood
Denise JohnsonDiane Parish
Lucas JohnsonDon Gilet
Mo HarrisLaila Morse
Charlie SlaterDerek Martin
Jean SlaterGillian Wright
Zainab MasoodNina Wadia
Ricky ButcherSid Owen
Libby FoxBelinda Owusu
Executive ProducerDiederick Santer
DirectorAlex Kalymnios
WriterColin Wyatt

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