Episode 3

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Episode 3 of 4

Duration: 1 hour

Wildlife series following the lives of the meerkat's bigger, more streetwise cousin, the banded mongoose.

After the most momentous fight with the Stripes yet, the Banded Brothers are reduced to shuddering wrecks. Once again a chief player has been tragically injured and they've also lost a prime piece of territory. Are the Banded Brothers turning soft?

It's now or never for the family to prove their worth, they've no more chances left. If they want to hang on to their territorial legacy, they must focus on defending it from rival gangs on every side. But to do that well requires energy and with the rainy season ending, food supplies are drying up fast. And to top it all the family is expanding once again - good news, if Diva and the other mums can find enough to eat. Can the Bandeds bounce back this time, or will they lose Uptown forever?


Camera Operator
Ralph Bower
Camera Operator
Mark MacEwen
Camera Operator
John Waters
Camera Operator
Luke Barnett
Camera Assistant
Helen Johnson
Dr Michael Cant
Dexter Fletcher
Production Manager
Janelle Backes
Production Manager
Anna McGill
Colin Jackson
Executive Producer
Wendy Darke
Assistant Producer
Louise Emerson
Will Slater


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