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Vicky goes to visit Luscious Lashes, who is about to drop her calf at Grange Farm. She reminds Ed that she wants to be called when the calf comes. Ed reluctantly agrees.

Kathy is proud of Jamie, who has volunteered to help with the graffiti clean up, seemingly off his own bat. Kathy and Lynda discuss the plans for 'Ambridge's Got Talent', and Vicky says that she and Mike will enter with a tango. When Jamie hears that Felpersham City tickets are available as one of the prizes, he quickly goes to call Josh - he's sure they can win them. Meanwhile, Ed smiles at Jamie's efforts with the clean-up, having caught the boys graffiti-ing the village last week.

It's Mother's Day, and Kate goes to visit Phoebe. Kate can't help but feel crestfallen when she shows Vicky some earrings she's bought for Phoebe - only to be told by Vicky that Phoebe doesn't have pierced ears. Undeterred, Kate asks Hayley if she can take Phoebe to have her ears pierced. Unsure, Hayley won't make any promises but agrees to talk it over with Roy.

Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.

Release date:

15 minutes

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Mon 15 Mar 2010 14:00

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