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The TRIC Award Winning Chris Moyles Show

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6:35 (00:05) - We talk about our day at the TRIC awards yesterday, the Radio One quiz and the fact that Tina's feeling a bit delicate today! We tell her to have a little sleep on the sofa in the studio and she does. We then work out what's the funniest way of waking her up!

07:20 (00:50) - Where Am I with Westwood - which country is he in today?

07:30 (01:00) - Apparently, Greg Waa is coming in later. We mean Greg James of course, but Aled is confused because he doesn't know who Greg Waa is, or what Waa means!

07:35 (01:05) - Dave & Dom were interviewed by Hannah Morrisson yesterday at the TRIC awards. All the big stars!

07:45 (01:15) - We talk about Greg coming in to talk about the chart and then play out people's favourite numbers.

07:55 (01:25) - Chris met Alan Dufflecoat yesterday. Dave & Dom shouted hello to Denise Robertson but she ignored them and went into the ladies!

08:15 (01:45) - We do a series of Mexican jokes on Aled to see whether he gets them. Ha ha ha - very funny!

08:25 (01:55) - We replay Hannah Morrisson's interviews with Dave & Dom and all the other stars but save Terry Wogan's till after the news.

08:35 (02:05) - Terry Wogan's nice message for Chris.

08:45 (02:15) - Greg is here to talk to us about his new middle of the week chart, which isn't a midweek chart even though it is done midweek!

09:00 (02:30) - Tedious Link: Rest Assured - Treat Infamy.

09:05 (02:35) - Matt Fincham is here and we find out about his sad fascination with the Bill. We should do a quiz for him tomorrow to find exactly how much of a geek he is.

09:25 (02:55) - More about Greg's new chart update which sounds like it could be a tough listen!

09:35 (03:05) - Dom's weather is rubbish. We talk some more about our day yesterday and Tina has nearly got through her tough day at work and is looking forward to finishing.

09:45 (03:15) - Carpark Catchphrase with Kevin & Laura.

10:00 (03:30) - We talk to Fearne about her fashion and about Greg who's in the studio with Alex the Cornish Angel!

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