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Wildlife series following the lives of the meerkat's bigger, more streetwise cousin, the banded mongoose.

The 'banded brothers' family of mongooses own the best territory in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park, but other mongoose mobs want a piece of the action. To keep hold of their patch, the bandeds need to be a big, strong group, and a regular supply of new recruits is maintained by the breeding females. A new litter from three of the older females has been born and they make their first foray above ground, but not all is right in the banded mongoose's world.

The oldest female, Diva, is still pregnant. It's an unusual situation, and when Diva's pups are born they will face an uphill struggle to survive. To add to the problems, the new pups need babysitting at the den. Other mongoose mobs such as the banded mongoose's arch enemies the striped mongoose are taking advantage and muscling in on the banded's prize territory.

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  • Photo: The Banded Brothers gang

    Photo: The Banded Brothers gang

    The whole family of mongooses stay close together in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Photo: Mongoose pup

    Photo: Mongoose pup

    A young banded mongoose pup from the Banded Brothers rests with its banded mongoose escort.

  • Photo: Den

    Photo: Den

    One of the Banded Brothers pops his head out from his den made from an old termite mound.


Camera Operator
Ralph Bower
Camera Operator
Mark MacEwen
Camera Operator
John Waters
Camera Operator
Luke Barnett
Camera Assistant
Helen Johnson
Dr Michael Cant
Dexter Fletcher
Production Manager
Janelle Backes
Production Manager
Anna McGill
Colin Jackson
Executive Producer
Wendy Darke
Assistant Producer
Louise Emerson
Will Slater


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