Victims or Criminals?

It's been more than 25 years since sectarian violence exploded onto the streets of Punjab. But the bitterness and recriminations haven't stopped and they're still affecting the lives of British Asians. One National organisation 'The British Sikh Federation', estimate that more than 100 Sikhs may have been detained in recent years. We discover how some British Sikhs returning to India claim they're being singled out, arrested and even tortured by the authorities accusing them of being involved in the violence a quarter of a century ago. Gurnam Singh from Scunthorpe arrested after returning to India thirteen years ago was convicted of terrorism .He claims he is innocent but is now being refused back into the UK. Another Sikh, Balbir Singh from Southall claims he was targeted simply because he looked religious. He alleges he was tortured , spend three years in remand but was then released as there was no evidence against him .He is now lodging a case against the Indian authorities.Are they victims or terrorists ?

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The challenges facing Muslim soldiers

The challenges facing Muslim soldiers

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