I Helped My Daughter Die

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What drives a mother to help her child die? For almost a year, Panorama cameras have been following Kay Gilderdale - the woman at the centre of the recent Assisted Suicide trial - as she faced a possible life sentence over her part in the death of her daughter Lynn.

She talks exclusively to Jeremy Vine about the night she helped her bedridden daughter kill herself and explores whether the law should be changed with those on both sides of the debate, including Debbie Purdy and Baroness Campbell of Surbiton.

  • Kay on helping her daughter to die

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    Panorama reporter Jeremy Vine tells BBC Breakfast about his exclusive interview with Kay Gilderdale as she discusses the hours she spent helping her 31-year-old daughter, who suffered from severe ME, to die.

  • Why I helped my daughter to die

    As a poll for the BBC reveals support for assisted suicide for someone who is terminally ill, Kay Gilderdale, acquitted last week of attempted murder, describes her only daughter Lynn's slow death and her unwavering conviction that she did the right thing.

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  • Poll shows public support growing for assisted suicide

    A poll for the BBC's Panorama shows that support for legalising assisted suicide is growing - but only when the patient is terminally ill.

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  • Mother cleared of daughter's murder speaks to Panorama

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    Kay Gilderale, who was acquitted by a jury of the attempted murder of her 31-year-old daughter, Lynn, has always maintained she did nothing to help kill her daughter.

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