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  1. 03/05/2014

    Viewers' opinions on the coverage of major stories by BBC News.

    First broadcast: 03 May 2014

    Image for 03/05/2014 Not currently available on BBC iPlayer
  2. 02/05/2014

    Viewers' opinions on the coverage of major stories by BBC News.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2014

    Image for 02/05/2014 Not currently available on BBC iPlayer
  3. 26/04/2014

    Viewers' opinions on the coverage of major stories by BBC News.

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2014

    Image for 26/04/2014 This episode will be available soon
  4. 25/04/2014

    Viewers' opinions on the coverage of major stories by BBC News.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2014

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  5. 11/04/2014

    What was the value in quoting tweets from celebrities paying tribute to Peaches Geldof?

    First broadcast: 11 Apr 2014

  6. 04/04/2014

    Was the BBC right to show Wednesday night's debate on the European Union?

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2014

  7. 28/03/2014

    How does BBC News serve teenage audiences?

    First broadcast: 28 Mar 2014

  8. 21/03/2014

    Viewers' opinions on the coverage of major stories by BBC News.

    First broadcast: 21 Mar 2014

  9. 14/03/2014

    Has BBC News gone over the top in its coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial?

    First broadcast: 14 Mar 2014

  10. 07/03/2014

    Why was Huw Edwards sent to Ukraine to present BBC news bulletins from Kiev?

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2014

  11. 28/02/2014

    BBC News starts to mark the centenary of World War One. But is this news?

    First broadcast: 28 Feb 2014

  12. 21/02/2014

    Claims that the images shown of violence on the streets of Thailand were too graphic.

    First broadcast: 21 Feb 2014

  13. 14/02/2014

    Coverage of the extreme weather and the Winter Olympics under the spotlight.

    First broadcast: 14 Feb 2014

  14. 07/02/2014

    After Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, Newswatch explores the art of the TV obituary.

    First broadcast: 07 Feb 2014

  15. 31/01/2014

    The BBC's new daily 15 second news summary for mobile and tablet users, Instafax.

    First broadcast: 31 Jan 2014

  16. 24/01/2014

    Has the BBC's coverage of the allegations against Lord Rennard been proportionate?

    First broadcast: 24 Jan 2014

  17. 17/01/2014

    Should the private life of the French President be any concern of the BBC?

    First broadcast: 17 Jan 2014

  18. 10/01/2014

    Was some reporting of the recent storms and floods reckless and irresponsible?

    First broadcast: 10 Jan 2014

  19. 20/12/2013

    Behind the scenes with a BBC News Channel presenter.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2013

  20. 13/12/2013

    Should stories trending on social media be reported on as news?

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2013

  21. 06/12/2013

    Was the coverage of Nelson Mandela's death on BBC News excessive?

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2013

  22. 29/11/2013

    What impact might Scottish independence have on BBC viewers in Scotland?

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 2013

  23. 22/11/2013

    Should BBC News mark anniversaries, such as Dr Who, and President Kennedy's death?

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 2013

  24. 15/11/2013

    Did all the BBC staff in the Philippines distract or detract from the aid effort?

    First broadcast: 15 Nov 2013

  25. 08/11/2013

    What's the point of live interviews with correspondents standing in the rain and the dark?

    First broadcast: 08 Nov 2013

  26. 01/11/2013

    Is broadcasting from the Court of Appeal good for justice - or for journalism?

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2013

  27. 25/10/2013

    Did the Royal christening distract from the Select Committee inquiry into Plebgate?

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2013

  28. 18/10/2013

    Why does Madeleine McCann's case get more attention than other missing children?

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

  29. 11/10/2013

    Meeting the increasing demand for getting news via mobiles, apps and social media.

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2013

  30. 04/10/2013

    Was there enough coverage of last Sunday's demonstration against NHS cuts?

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2013

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