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Amira and Syed apologise to each other for what happened at the Unit the night before. They both make an effort to be extra nice and both insist on cooking dinner for each other.

When Amira arrives home, Syed tells her that he struck a deal with Danny and he is also cooking a special meal for her. Amira wonders why Syed is doing all this but Syed tells her that she deserves it and then kisses her. Amira feels guilty.

Later Amira walks into the living room having dressed up for what she thinks is a romantic dinner for two but is disappointed when she sees that five places have been laid for dinner.

Roxy asks Danny to meet Syed to negotiate a business deal for the curry night she is planning. Ronnie tells Peggy that she won’t be around for dinner as she is going out with Jack. Danny makes a remark about Jack but Ronnie points out that he doesn’t even know Jack. As Ronnie turns her back, Danny nudges Roxy who asks Ronnie what is going on between them. Ronnie claims that it’s between them. Danny soon chips in, remarking that he doesn’t understand why “he’s sticking his nose in our business” and Ronnie leaves, angrily.

Billy arrives to see Roxy. He presumes she’s changed her mind about the job but she tells him that she is going to have to start charging him rent and it will be £1000 per month. Billy is shocked.

After the run in with her family, Ronnie turns up early at Jack’s. Ronnie thanks him for being there for her it’s not long before they end up getting passionate. As they lay in each others arms, Jack tells Ronnie that he is worried about her and admits that he followed her to Archie’s grave the night before.

Ronnie gets upset as she tells him that her dad was evil but Jack points out that this is an unsolved murder investigation and she should be careful as if anyone else had seen her, they could have drawn a different conclusion. Ronnie thinks she knows what he is implying and upset, she leaves.

Ronnie arrives home, clearly upset. Billy approaches Ronnie and tells her about how much rent Roxy is trying to charge him. Ronnie can’t believe what she is hearing and immediately challenges her sister. An argument ensues and Roxy manages to twist the subject round to Jack. She tells Ronnie that everyone is worried about what will happen if they get back together but Ronnie guesses that Roxy is talking about Danny.

Shortly after, Jack finds Ronnie upstairs in the Vic and she tells him again that she didn’t kill her dad. Jack tells her that he is just looking out for her as the police will be looking for a target. Ronnie asks Jack if he trusts her but he responds by asking her the same question. She replies that she does.

Roxy thanks Billy for telling on her to Ronnie, reminding him that she is the boss. However, Billy hits back telling her what that house means to him and his family. As Billy goes, Roxy is close to tears so she calls Al and leaves a message desperate to talk to him.

Upstairs in the Vic, Ronnie is getting ready. Danny comes in to apologise for his remarks about Jack. Ronnie tells him that Jack is a good man and he cares about her. Meanwhile, Roxy tells Dr Al about her hideous day. Al insists he has to go to his meeting as the partners of his practice are making life difficult for him.

Outside, Ronnie bumps into Danny who has just seen something he knows Ronnie won’t like. Ronnie realises something is up and Danny is forced to point out the car across the road. Ronnie is sickened when she realises that Jack is in the car talking conspiratorially with DCI Marsden.

Bianca is fed up with having to struggle financially. Whitney sees Ian’s estimate for the wedding catering and tells Bianca that he is ripping her off. Bianca later approaches Ian in the café and tells him that she would like the estimate revised as she knows how he operates. Ian doesn’t take this too well and the revised version comes back more expensive!

Meanwhile, still annoyed that Tiff hasn’t invited her to her party, Dotty manipulatively convinces Dot to bake a cake for Tiffany, claiming that she isn’t having a birthday party.

Bianca asks Roxy for a quote for the catering but she’s disappointed when Roxy’s comes back higher than Ian’s. With no other option, Bianca is forced to go back to Ian and grovel.

Dot knocks at Pat’s door wanting to invite Tiffany over for some birthday tea. Bianca tells Dot that Tiffany is having a party and invites Dotty, much to Tiffany’s annoyance. Whitney and the kids tell Bianca they want to see her wedding dress. As she appears in her dress, Liam bursts out laughing. Bianca knows it’s awful but she cannot afford a new one.

Bianca is delighted when she receives a letter from David but she is forced to cover her disappointment when she tells Whitney that he won’t be coming to the wedding. She later sits alone upset but in her hand is a cheque for £10,000 from David. In a fit of anger, Bianca screws it up and throws it in the bin.

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