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Sunday 07 February 2010

Matt Frei is joined by conservative commentator Tucker Carlson for a look at the week's top news. Up for debate are America's renewed examination of the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, which excludes gays and lesbians from military service, and if President Obama's chief of staff is about to lose his job.

Matt talks to actor John Lithgow about his current work and the way Americans can reinvent themselves - sometimes fictionally.

In 1960 four young African American men sat down for lunch at a counter in North Carolina, but when they were refused service they refused to stop asking. They inspired actions for racial justice across the country including sit-ins, protests and marches. Fifty years later, a museum opens on the grounds of that famous lunch spot and Americana hears from Joseph McNeil about what it was like for him when he first sat down behind that Woolworth Company lunch counter.


    Matt Frei talks to conservative commentator Tucker Carlson. Up for discussion this week; the latest move to scrap the US military’s stance on being openly gay and serving in the Armed Forces, "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell".

    Matt and Tucker also get into the Tea Party movement's latest failed attempt to break through the political establishment and consider the waning power of President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

  • Guest: Tucker Carlson

    "Tucker Carlson is a 20-year media veteran with a wide variety of experience in journalism".

    Tucker Carlson

    Matt Frei is also joined by the award winning actor John Lithgow from Broadway in New York. John's new play looks at the growing trend to blur the line between fact and fiction, where gossip is confused with the "public interest".

  • Guest: John Lithgow

    John Lithgow

    Finally, in 1960, in Greensboro North Carolina four young African American men sat down and asked to be served lunch at the F. W. Woolworth Company counter. Instead racial segregation laws supported the restaurant’s refusal to serve them. The four returned day after day. It was to prove a spark that help light the civil rights movement. This week, 50 years later, a new civil rights museum opens at the site of the old Woolworths and Americana hears from one of the four, Joseph McNeil, about his place in history.

  • Useful Links: Stories of Freedom and Justice

    "This year marks the 50th anniversary of the student sit-ins at the Greensboro, N.C. lunch counter. To commemorate this event, the Museum is exploring stories of Freedom and Justice throughout 2010".

    Stories of Freedom and Justice - National Museum of American History
  • Useful Links: Running Against the Storm

    Running Against the Storm: 50th Anniversary of the Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-In.

    Archived Webcast from February 3, 2010, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30p.m. EST

    Running Against the Storm - National Museum of American History


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