All eyes were on Tony Blair's appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq this week. Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator, and Alex Barker of the Financial Times, who has been attending the inquiry throughout, assess Blair's account of himself.

One of the benefits of the Iraq Inquiry is the insight it provides into the internal workings of government. Two publications this week, the Better Government Initiative and a report form the Lords' Constitutional Committee, address the relationship between Downing Street, Whitehall and parliament. Lord Butler, a crossbencher and former Cabinet Secretary, and Lord Norton, Professor of Government at Hull University, discuss.

David Laws (Liberal Democrats) and David Willetts (Conservative) talk about the recent LSE report on inequality, plus Professor John Curtice and Anthony Wells of UK Polling Report analyse the conclusions of the most recent social trends survey, which shows Britain moving to the right on economic issues.

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