Julie Walters stars as Mo Mowlam in a television drama about the former Northern Ireland Secretary in Tony Blair's government, her role in the Good Friday Agreement and her death from cancer. Edwina Currie reviews.

Artist Dexter Dalwood reveals how history informs his paintings of unpopulated interiors and landscapes, as a retrospective of his work opens at Tate St Ives in Cornwall.

The American novelist Richard Powers is only the ninth person to have his entire DNA genome sequenced. His latest book, Generosity, is about a woman with a gene that makes her constantly happy.

Forever Vienna is an album of waltz music performed by Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra, which is currently at number seven in the album charts and outselling Susan Boyle. John Evans reveals how Rieu has waltzed his way to chart success.

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