Sophie Okonedo stars as Winnie Mandela in a new television biopic focusing on her relationship with her husband. Writer and director Michael Samuels discusses bringing the controversial figure to the screen for the first time.

The hero of eight feature films and a box office sensation, Hubert Bonnisseur de la Bath - codename OSS117 - is France's favourite secret agent. Agnes Poirier explains to Kirsty Lang why film-goers have been so fascinated with the spoof spy and reviews the latest film, Lost In Rio.

Ockham's Razor is an aerial theatre company who bring together physical, visual and circus theatre. Their latest production, directed by Toby Sedgwick with dramaturgy by Rufus Norris, revolves around a giant wheel suspended seven metres above ground and it explores the relationships between people as they perform in the air.

Front Row listeners respond to the launch of the Kids In Museums manifesto.

Tenor Ian Bostridge and critic Tom Service discuss the work of Hans Werner Henze, the German composer who recovered from a coma to write an opera, which is about to receive its premiere.

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