Episode 2

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Piping Live, 2009 Episode 2 of 2

Duration: 1 hour

Blas dhe na dh' fhaodas fhaicinn agus a chluinntinn rè fèis bhliadhnail Piping Live a Glaschu. Bho phìoban 's drumaichean gu ceòl ceilidh 's dùthchais, 'se cruinneachadh bèothail, dathte 's ògail a th' ann de cheòladairean nàiseanta 's eadar-nàiseanta. Ag aithris, Cailean MacGillLeathain.

The annual Piping Live festival in Glasgow. From pipes and drums to ceilidh and folk bands, it's a lively, colourful and youthful gathering national and international performers. Presented by Cailean MacLean.

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Rebecca MacLennan
Maureen MacLeod
Cailean MacLean


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