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Peggy's pleased about Kate's impending visit and Tom's glad she's got something to look forward to as Jack didn't remember their wedding anniversary. When Peggy hears that Brenda and Susan have applied for the same job, she worries that it will be a disaster for the village if Susan doesn't run the post office. But Tom's certain Brenda will get the job.

Jazzer's embarrassed about declaring his undying love to Fallon. He blames Tom for encouraging him, but Tom says he only suggested asking her out. Later Tom admits to Fallon that he knows what happened. Fallon had hoped that Jazzer had been too drunk to remember. Fallon's mortified when Tom says that although Jazzer was drunk he meant every word - she is Jazzer's 'mystery woman'.

Helen changes her mind and meets Ian for lunch. Helen tells him that her New Year's Eve with Annette was surprisingly good and they both agree that Annette's got a good heart. Ian says he kissed a lot of frogs before finding his prince, even though she knows he's just trying to make her feel better. Helen tells Ian that she's not good at relationships, so she'd better get used to being single.

Episode written by Mary Cutler.

Release date:

15 minutes

Last on

New Year's Day 2010 19:00

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