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Duration: 1 hour

Two wayward British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as ungrateful 16-year-old Calvin Kirlew from Nottingham and rebellious 16-year-old Rosie Harley from Brighton travel to Belize in Central America.

For a week they must live under the strict rules of the Perez family, middle class Belizians who have raised six children and recently adopted a seventh, a seven-year-old boy. The Perezes believe that hard work and firm discipline are the only ways to bring up children and demand that the British teens live just as their own children do, from doing farm work to learning to apologise.

Over the week, the teens are strictly supervised as they carry out daily farm chores and volunteer in a local children's home. Can the Perezes' 'hard work' approach to parenting shake the teens out of their self-centered attitude towards the world?


Executive Producer
Sam Whittaker
Executive Producer
Sam Whittaker


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