Nuclear power is being offered as one solution to the problems of burning fossil fuels and its likely that new atomic power stations will be built in the coming decades. But how would you react if you were told that they would run out of fuel in a matter of decades? Home Planet asks how big stocks of uranium are and whether their really is enough to fuel a nuclear boom.

How, too, will rain forests and savannahs be treated at the Copenhagen summit? Could seeding clouds have diverted the recent devastating rain away from Cumbria? Can incinerators ever be a safe method of waste disposal, and what are the limits of scientific discovery?

On the panel are conservationist Dr Lynn Dicks of Cambridge University, science writer Ehsan Masood and Professor Philip Stott, an environmental scientist from the University of London.

As always we want to hear your comments on the topics discussed and any questions you might want to put to future programmes.

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