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Saturday 28 November 2009

Sandi Toksvig talks to Christopher Somerville about the business of bringing the countryside alive through recounting his journeys through Britain. They discuss some of the walks and rides through iconic landscapes that encapsulate some essential aspect of this country, from Shetland to Canvey Island.

King Harold's army's 12-day march south in October 1066 after the victory against the Norwegians at Stamford Bridge to meet William the soon-to-be-Conqueror at Hastings was perhaps the most significant walk in English history. Huon Mallalieu and Chas Jones have both recreated aspects of this journey and Sandi finds out what it was like to make such a march and how much it influenced events.

  • Christopher Somerville

    Christopher Somerville is a travel writer. He’s the author of books to accompany the BBC ‘Coast’ series, walking in Ireland, the Welsh Borders, Literary Walks and country walks near London. Christopher has been the walking correspondent of the Daily Telegraph for the last ten years.

    His latest book, Somerville’s Travels is a collection of twenty journeys through what he describes as “iconic landscapes that encapsulate some kind of essential aspect of Britain”.

    Somerville’s Travels
    Publisher: AA Publishing
    ISBN-10: 0749563125
    ISBN-13: 978-0749563127

    Find out more about Christopher Somerville
  • Huon Mallalieu

    Huon Mallalieu is a writer on art and antiques mostly for The Times and Country Life. He is the author of Country Life Guide to Moving to the Country.

    Back in 1991 Huon came across a sunken track which was the old road from Hastings to London. It was here that King Harold’s army rested the night before the Battle of Hastings. Huon was struck by the journey they must have done to march from Stamford Bridge: they had set off on the 2nd October 1066 and arrived there on the 13th October. The Battle of Hastings took place the following day. In 2006 Huon decided to recreate the march, in part to find out how tired they were, but also to see if it had really affected the battle and of course the course of English history.

    1066 and Rather More- A Walk Through History
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln
    ISBN-10: 071123048X
    ISBN-13: 978-0711230484

    Find out more about Huon Mallalieu
  • Chas Jones

    Chas Jones runs the Writers Services an organisation that advises aspiring writers. He also leads tours of the Fulford battle site and is campaigning to have it archaeologically excavated. Chas is also involved in a scheme to get Yorkshire version of the Bayeux tapestry sewn. Chas wanted to see how quickly King Harold would have got the news of the Norse invasion at York in 1066. He walked from the Humber to Waltham Abbey as a medieval monk would have done to see how long it would take.

    The Forgotten Battle of 1066: Fulford
    Charles Jones
    Publisher: The History Press
    ISBN-10: 0752443267
    ISBN-13: 978-0752443263

    Writers Services: http://www.writersservices.com/index.htm

    Find out more about Chas Jones
  • Excess Baggage Travel Quiz

    Regular Excess Baggage presenters Sandi Toksvig and John McCarthy go head to head in a travel quiz aided and abetted by paleopatholgist and television presenter Alice Roberts and comedian Arthur Smith.

    The referee is Peter Curran.

    Recording on Saturday 12 December at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, London. Doors open at 11.45am.

    To apply for tickets, visit the BBC Tickets Website or call the BBC Ticket Line on 0370 901 1227*.

    We look forward to seeing you in our audience very soon.

    BBC Tickets Website


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