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The Broken Scooter

Big and Small, Series 2 Episode 13 of 26

Ruby's new scooter is the most beautiful vehicle that Big and Small have ever seen. Ruby, however, refuses to let them have a ride because she thinks they will break it. A while later Small discovers the scooter left unattended. He doesn't think just one little ride will do any harm, particularly as Ruby will never know...

Big says that just because Ruby doesn't know, it doesn't mean it's ok: she told them not to ride on her scooter. But Small puts on one foot and pushes away - it's a brilliant ride! He spins the scooter in a circle. He then does a stunt jump over one pumpkin. Big is caught up in Small's excitement and without thinking he has a ride himself, jumping over two pumpkins! Small cheers on Big as he manages to fly over the pumpkins, but then Big loses control of the scooter and careers down to the pond where he crashes.

Big and Small decide not to tell Ruby. They will make the scooter better by adding a new bell, a lunch tray, a xylophone, a cushion... When they have finished their work they think Ruby will be delighted. Wrong! Ruby is furious with Big and Small for breaking her scooter and they realise that telling the truth would have been the better course of action. However, once Ruby has calmed down, she does have to admit that the new additions to the scooter are actually quite fun...

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Role Contributor
Voice of Big and SmallLenny Henry
ActorLenny Henry
ActorImelda Staunton
Voice of Twiba and RubyImelda Staunton
DirectorWayne Moss
DirectorWayne Moss
ProducerDavid Collier
WriterAndrew Viner
ProducerDavid Collier
ProducerSharon Summerling
WriterAndrew Viner
ProducerSharon Summerling
PuppeteerTodd Doldersum
ParticipantTodd Doldersum
ParticipantJason Hopley
PuppeteerJason Hopley
ParticipantJamie Shannon
PuppeteerJamie Shannon
ParticipantCaitlin O'Reilly
PuppeteerCaitlin O'Reilly
ParticipantDarren Pickering
PuppeteerDarren Pickering