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Episode 7

5 minutes
First broadcast:
Saturday 07 November 2009

The subterranean encounters continue in the story told by its listeners. Can Susan trust her husband, and what is the cost if she does?

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    Chain Gang - Create your own Storylines

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  • David Smith's Storyline

    Chain Gang episode 7: Original story submission by David Smith.

    Brian, still talking about his orders, lumbers forwards and attacks Susan.

    For a moment we hear the sounds of Susan's murder. We hear her crumple to the floor. We hear her dying words. We hear Brian suddenly becoming aware of what he's done. We hear him raging and crying about her death.

    Then, without warning, Brian's voice fades away.

    Susan, still very much alive, then asks the man for an explanation of what she has just seen.

    The man reminds her that the book reveals the future. She has just seen a vision of her own murder. He speculates that the book is attempting to distract them from their objective.

    They continue through the labyrinth, getting increasingly lost, until they suddenly become aware that the walls are moving behind them. The labyrinth walls then shift position again, separating Susan from the man.

    The man finds himself trapped in a small stone room, with no means of escape.

    Susan finds herself in a large chamber containing a single book.

  • The Script

    (Following directly from part six: panicked, urgent:)

    SUSAN: Brian. Stop. Listen to me. You’re not yourself...

    BRIAN: (upset) I don’t want to kill you. But the man told me I had to.

    SUSAN: Okay. Talk me through it. You can do that, can’t you, just talking, it’s fine. Who is this man? What did he look like?

    BRIAN: I can’t remember. I can never remember.

    SUSAN: You’ve seen him before?

    BRIAN: He’s always come to me. Ever since I was a little boy. I used to think he was a dream.

    MAN: Susan, I can’t move, not a muscle. Listen to me. Keep away from him...!

    BRIAN: He was the one who told me I should marry you. He told me you were important.

    SUSAN: (chilled) That’s why you married me?

    BRIAN: He made me love you. So why would he want you dead? Why make me go through all this, just so you finish up dead?

    (And he begins to cry.)

    SUSAN: Brian...

    MAN: I said, keep back! It’s a trap...

    SUSAN: (angrily) No. He’s my husband.

    BRIAN: I love you.

    SUSAN: And I love you. Whatever else this all is... that’s why we’re together.

    BRIAN: Hold me. Kiss me.

    MAN: Don’t touch him!

    BRIAN: Please.

    SUSAN: You won’t hurt me?

    MAN: Susan...!

    (And SUSAN and BRIAN kiss.)

    BRIAN: It was my destiny to love you, the man said. And I’m so sorry.

    (And, as before, the flash of a knife.)

    SUSAN: (grunting in pain, weak) Brian...

    BRIAN: Ssh. Just a little pain. I’ve only hurt you a little bit.

    (And her body slumps to the floor.)

    Oh God. Susan. All this blood...

    (And startlingly close, right into the speaker)

    MRS F: (softly) And next it’s my turn...

    BRIAN: No...!

    (And both their voices echo, then fade.)

    MAN: (rushing to SUSAN) Susan! Are you all right?

    SUSAN: I was dead... I felt myself die...!

    MAN: It’s the book. It’s shown us the future. I wasn’t part of it, that’s why I couldn’t move...

    SUSAN: My own murder. Oh God, I should have told Brian from the start, he’s as trapped by this as I am.

    MAN: The book is doing everything it can to stop us.

    SUSAN: Look! The walls! They’re moving...

    (And we hear underneath the grinding of heavy stone sliding against stone:)

    MAN: It’s trying to separate us! Quick!

    SUSAN: Wait!

    (And the stone wall slams fast. A slight echo, then, nervously:)

    SUSAN: Where are you? Can you hear me? ...Anyone?

    (And, gentle, low, a woman’s voice.)

    BOOK: I can hear you.

    SUSAN: Where are you? I can’t see you.

    BOOK: At your feet. I believe you’ve been looking for me.

    SUSAN: But... No.

    BOOK: That’s right. I’m the book.

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