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Saturday 31 October 2009

Real life stories in which listeners talk about the issues that matter to them.

Fi Glover is joined by clinical psychologist and writer Dorothy Rowe.

With poetry from Elvis McGonagall.

  • Studio Guest :: Dorothy Rowe

    Studio Guest :: Dorothy Rowe

    Dorothy Rowe is a clinical psychologist and writer whose books on depression and understanding the meaning of our lives have warmed the hearts and minds of many.

    Dorothy's official website
  • Inheritance Tracks :: Ozzy Osbourne

    Inheritance Tracks :: Ozzy Osbourne

    Former Black Sabbath frontman and Prince of Darkness, Ozzy inherited Swannee by Al Jolson and passes on Paranoia by Black Sabbath

    Ozzy's official website
  • Topical Story :: Myron Rolle

    Topical Story :: Myron Rolle

    Myron Rolle is an outstanding sportsman – he was ranked as the number one high school American Football prospect in the United States in 2006. He’s been described as one of those players who only come along every ten years. But he is also very, very brainy and is currently a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University where he is undertaking an MA in medical anthropology

    Myron's official website
  • Day Trip :: Susanna Reid

    Day Trip :: Susanna Reid

    Susanna Reid presents BBC breakfast news and she went on a day trip with JP Devlin to the place where she spent her childhood summers - the Isle of Wight

    Susanna's BBC Breakfast webpage
  • Extraordinary Story :: Synaesthesia

    Extraordinary Story :: Synaesthesia

    James Wannerton tastes words. He suffers from gustatory auditory synaesthesia which is a cross sensory neurological condition.

    UK Synaesthesia website
  • Poet :: Elvis McGonagall

    Poet :: Elvis McGonagall

    Elvis McGonagall is in the building. Don’t step on his blue suede verse

    Elvis's website

    Something wicked this way comes
    Upon All Hallows’ Eve
    With the dead-eyed smile of a circling shark
    Black heart upon his sleeve
    He makes the little children scream and shout
    He makes them wail and howl
    Beware the Bogeyman my dear –
    Beware of Simon Cowell


    He lives in a mashed potato house in a fruit gum town
    Sometimes he simply swims in lemon curd
    His dog barks custard, he rides a Rice Krispie bike
    He’s The Man Who Tastes Nearly Every Word
    Some can touch the shape of “sunburnt mirth”
    Some love the smell of yellow in the Monday morning air
    Some see deafening black clouds whenever Sting sings
    He knows Germans made of rubbery Gruyere
    Vowels rock ‘n roll on the tip of his tongue
    His palate’s tickled by a random quote
    Fine words really do butter his parsnips
    But don’t mention Derek, urrgh, earwax, now that really sticks in the throat
    One sentence is an overloaded smorgasbord of sound
    A Scrabble of flavours to both savour and appal
    He’s Mister Alphabetti Spaghetti
    He’s the verbal Heston Blumenthal
    Oh to take a day-trip down his extra neural pathways
    To get a sixth sense of his condition
    Then if someone ever utters, say, “President Blair”
    I might get a taste of mmm…money and naked pink ambition
    But I can’t tell if this verse is a curled up, stale cheese sandwich
    Or a lovely soufflé of chocolate and lychee
    Though the proof of the pudding’s in the hearing – so
    It’s time to eat my words – bon appetit! *
    (* ooh…sorry…a bit of crispy burnt fried egg there)


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    Celebrating the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations.

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