Organ Donation - Flip Flops

While nine out of ten people agree organ donation is a good thing, a recent audit found 40 per cent of bereaved families, when approached, didn't agree to donate. Laurie Taylor discusses new research which uncovers some of the reasons behind this apparent anomaly.

Magi Sque, from the University of Southampton, was part of a team who interviewed families who had declined organ donation. While many agreed in principle, carried organ donor cards and knew their relatives desire to donate, they still didn't feel able to let their loved ones organs be used. The most common reason families gave for this was a simple desire to keep the body intact. They didn't want the dead to be 'hurt' any more.

Magi explains why the research reveals some of our deep-seated cultural beliefs, and how those beliefs have their roots in wider society's values and, at times of grief, can completely overcome our pre-existing views.

We also hear from Professor Caroline Knowles of Goldsmiths College, London who has researched the history, meaning and journey of the flip flop sandal.

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