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In nature, living long enough to breed is a monumental struggle. Many animals and plants go to extremes to give themselves a chance.

Uniquely, three brother cheetahs band together to bring down a huge ostrich. Aerial photography reveals how bottle-nosed dolphins trap fish in a ring of mud, and time-lapse cameras show how the Venus flytrap ensnares insect victims.

The strawberry frog carries a tadpole high into a tree and drops it in a water-filled bromeliad. The frog must climb back from the ground every day to feed it.

Fledgling chinstrap penguins undertake a heroic and tragic journey through the broken ice to get out to sea. Many can barely swim and the formidable leopard seal lies in wait.

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  • Challanges of Life

    Opening titles

  • Hunting

    The bottlenose dolphin, a pack of cheetah brothers and the chameleon all display their own individual ways of catching their prey.

  • Escaping the Threat

    Animals must come up with different ways to out-smart their bigger adversaries; including a particular fish that can simply fly away.

  • Food Gathering

    The capuchin monkey must have patience when gathering and preparing nuts and the Venus flytrap proves that plants aren't always the food.

  • Attracting a Mate

    A particular type of fly must use his stalk eyes, a hippo must fight the dominant male and the grebe must be a good dance partner, all in the name of reproduction.

  • Motherly Love

    The giant octopus and the Strawberry frog both demonstrate their utter devotion to their young, resulting in death for one of them.

  • Parenting Techniques

    Chinstrap penguin chicks are forced to find their own food with many dangers around them, including the leopard seal, whilst the orangutan mother will spend eight years with her young.

  • Life on Location

    A behind the scenes look at the making of Life, including the filming of Antartic killer whales, which have never been filmed before hunting off the Antartic penninsula.


David Attenborough
Executive Producer
Michael Gunton


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