The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by the late Douglas Adams, began as a Radio 4 comedy and expanded into a TV show, a film and a five-book 'trilogy'. To mark the anniversary of the original books, Eoin Colfer has been sanctioned by Adams' widow to write an authorised sequel, And Another Thing. Eoin tells Kirsty Lang about continuing the Guide, and Arthur Dent's ongoing search through time and space for a decent cup of tea.

Ilija Trojanow discusses the work of Romanian-born German writer Herta Muelle who has won the 2009 Nobel Prize for literature.

On National Poetry Day, the award-winning Irish poet Paul Durcan discusses a new collection of his work, Life is a Dream: 40 Years Reading Poems.

Fisherman Thomas Fraser recorded country and western songs for his close friends on the Shetland Isles - and to critical acclaim in Nashville. A new play at the National Theatre of Scotland tells the story of the blues-playing fisherman. Kirsty speaks to the play's writer, Duncan McLean, and Fraser's grandson, who discovered his recordings.

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