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Amanda Vickery - A History of Private Life Episode guide

  1. Alternative Homes

    30/30 Historian Amanda Vickery reflects on the enduring pull of a home of one's own.

    First broadcast: 06 Nov 2009

    Image for Alternative Homes Not currently available
  2. Dunroamin

    29/30 Prof Vickery listens to the experiences of those who moved to the suburbs.

    First broadcast: 05 Nov 2009

    Image for Dunroamin Not currently available
  3. Exporting the Home

    28/30 Prof Vickery explores the kind of homes the British struggled to create in India.

    First broadcast: 04 Nov 2009

    Image for Exporting the Home Not currently available
  4. The Garden Indoors

    27/30 The Victorians contrived increasingly ingenious ways to domesticate nature.

    First broadcast: 03 Nov 2009

    Image for The Garden Indoors Not currently available
  5. Education in the Moral Home

    26/30 Prof Vickery explores home education from the perspective of mother and child.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2009

    Image for Education in the Moral Home Not currently available
  6. Neat and Not too Showy

    25/30 How people lower down the social scale responded to the idea of taste.

    First broadcast: 30 Oct 2009

    Image for Neat and Not too Showy Not currently available
  7. Courtship and Setting Up Home

    24/30 Two 18th-century marriages, and how the husbands prepared new houses for their bride.

    First broadcast: 29 Oct 2009

    Image for Courtship and Setting Up Home Not currently available
  8. Science and Nature at Home

    23/30 How eccentric homes reflected wider 18th-century ideas about science and nature.

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2009

    Image for Science and Nature at Home Not currently available
  9. Taste

    22/30 The story of an 18th-century couple who spend life doing up their magnificent houses.

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2009

    Image for Taste Not currently available
  10. Magnificence

    21/30 One celebrity divorce was quite the scandal, because the husband was the prime minister.

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2009

    Image for Magnificence Not currently available
  11. Two Widowers

    20/30 The story of two different widowers and their desperate search for a new wife.

    First broadcast: 23 Oct 2009

    Image for Two Widowers Not currently available
  12. Widows

    19/30 How the richest widow in 18th-century England spent her late husband's coal fortune.

    First broadcast: 22 Oct 2009

    Image for Widows This episode will be available soon
  13. Spinsters

    18/30 What 18th-century home life held for spinsters. As many as one in five women never married

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2009

    Image for Spinsters This episode will be available soon
  14. Bachelors

    17/30 The complicated arrangements that limited a man's search for a suitable wife.

    First broadcast: 20 Oct 2009

    Image for Bachelors This episode will be available soon
  15. Servants

    16/30 Amanda Vickery goes below stairs to find out about domestic workers in a household.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2009

    Image for Servants This episode will be available soon
  16. Domestic Violence

    15/30 Amanda Vickery reveals the dark side of private life, and how the home became a trap.

    First broadcast: 16 Oct 2009

    Image for Domestic Violence This episode will be available soon
  17. Illicit Guests

    14/30 Stories from adultery cases about women sneaking lovers into the house.

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2009

    Image for Illicit Guests This episode will be available soon
  18. Men at Home

    13/30 The stories of family 'black sheep'. Not everyone adhered to polite etiquette.

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2009

    Image for Men at Home This episode will be available soon
  19. Domestic Harmony

    12/30 The importance of music-making at home, and the chances it created for finding a partner.

    First broadcast: 13 Oct 2009

    Image for Domestic Harmony This episode will be available soon
  20. Tea

    11/30 Thanks to the introduction of tea, even people who were not rich could afford to entertain

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2009

    Image for Tea This episode will be available soon
  21. Mistress and Servants

    10/30 The perils of running a house in Lancashire with unreliable servants.

    First broadcast: 09 Oct 2009

    Image for Mistress and Servants This episode will be available soon
  22. Ornamenting the Home

    9/30 Sewing was a housewife's duty and also acted as valuable therapy.

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2009

  23. Kitchen Physic

    8/30 Historian Amanda reveals housewives were once expected to concoct cure-all medicines.

    First broadcast: 07 Oct 2009

  24. Pots and Pans

    7/30 What do letters and diaries tell us about running the home in the 16th and 17th centuries?

    First broadcast: 06 Oct 2009

  25. All My Life Is a Struggle With Dirt

    6/30 Women's struggle to clean and care for their families in a household moral mission.

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2009

  26. Every Man's Home Is His Castle

    5/30 Elaborate rituals of locking up at night protected the house from burglars.

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2009

  27. The Closet

    4/30 The closet - a place for prayer, music and safety.

    First broadcast: 01 Oct 2009

  28. The State in Miniature

    3/30 The home as a microcosm of social order.

    First broadcast: 30 Sep 2009

  29. Things That Go Bump in the Night

    2/30 How the home protected from dark forces outside.

    First broadcast: 29 Sep 2009

  30. The Bed

    1/30 The hidden history of home, starting with the very heart of private life - the marital bed

    First broadcast: 28 Sep 2009

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