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Peggy's worried about raising Sam's bail money, and is thrilled when Phil tells her the bank's giving him a loan. Peggy visits Sam and offers to talk to Ricky for her. Phil shows Peggy £100,000 in cash; it's all he can raise. Ronnie doesn't want to use her money to help.

Peggy overhears Ricky and Bianca arguing and realises Bianca grassed up Sam, not Whitney. Peggy wants Ricky to help raise the bail money, but he tells her he's washed his hands of Sam and Bianca. Peggy makes a phone call. Archie's car pulls up and Peggy gets in.

Liam wants to ask Ricky and Bianca to come to parents' evening, but can't as they're constantly arguing. Ricky tells Bianca there's now no chance of them getting back together, he's moving out.

Bradley's received his Decree Absolute, but Jean hasn't given Stacey her copy yet. Stacey tells Bradley her medication stops her feeling upset or happy. She tells him to go to Canada, and helps him decorate Dot's kitchen, Canadian style. Syd's impressed, but tells Bradley she's happy to stay in Walford. Stacey looks though her photo album then hides her next tablet in it.

Ian and Max argue. They later compare parenting methods and Abi suggests a dad swop. Peter and Lauren talk and he apologises. Lauren wants Peter back, and has decided she's ready to sleep with him.

At the police station, Denise unintentionally reveals how much she disliked Trina. DC Cunningham lets Denise go, but tells Denise and Lucas she'll be in touch if the post mortem proves Trina was murdered.

Christian gives Syed an ultimatum, if he's ready to break up with Amira and risk losing everything, they can be together. Syed tries, but can't bring himself to do it. Christian tells him it's over. Christian kisses James.

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Role Contributor
Peggy MitchellBarbara Windsor
Archie MitchellLarry Lamb
Phil MitchellSteve McFadden
Ronnie MitchellSamantha Womack
Sam MitchellDanniella Westbrook
Ricky ButcherSid Owen
Bianca JacksonPatsy Palmer
Liam ButcherJames Forde
Tiffany DeanMaisie Smith
Morgan Jackson-KingDevon Higgs
Denise WicksDiane Parish
Lucas JohnsonDon Gilet
DC Deanne CunninghamZoe Henry
Chelsea FoxTiana Benjamin
Libby FoxBelinda Owusu
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Jane BealeLaurie Brett
Max BranningJake Wood
Tanya BranningJo Joyner
Lauren BranningMadeline Duggan
Peter BealeThomas Law
Abi BranningLorna Fitzgerald
Bradley BranningCharlie Clements
Stacey BranningLacey Turner
Syd ChambersNina Toussaint-White
Jean SlaterGillian Wright
Christian ClarkeJohn Partridge
Syed MasoodMarc Elliott
Executive ProducerDiederick Santer
Amira ShahPreeya Kalidas
James MackiePaul Keating

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