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A group of young doctors embark on their first jobs at a Cardiff hospital. The demands on them are immense, but the pressures they face will shape the type of doctors, people and friends they become.

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Episode 6

6/6 Cath is suspended from work and her father is admitted to hospital.

Wed 28 Apr 2010 23:10 BBC One Wales only

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  • The characters

    In many ways Rhian Matthews is the baby of the group. She's about honest endeavour – work hard and you will prosper. Rhian is bursting with life, with ambition, with love. She always thinks the best of people. This is both her biggest asset and her greatest downfall.

    Ameer Mowad works hard and is focused on being all he can be. He's naturally academic and found studying a breeze. Now he's in the real world, patients aren't like the faceless diagrams in his books. They talk, they have feelings – it's a nightmare. At his core, though, Ameer really cares about what he does and wants to make people better.

    Cath Llewelyn is determined, feisty and has a strong sense of her own worth. She's aware of the effect she has on men, and will use it to her advantage, but wants to be loved for who she really is. Cath's problem is that she's not sure who she is or what she wants.

    Simon Strettle's wanted to be a pathologist since he was exposed at an early age to a box-set of 'Quincy, ME.' Unfortunately, you have to learn how to save people before you can cut them open, so he has to go through years of doctoring. Fortunately, he's one of life's enthusiasts and embraces everything he has to learn.

    Rob Williams is the archetypal hard-drinking, hard-playing Welsh man. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his friends and they've come to rely on him. They'd never say it out loud, but he's the leader of the group and they'd all pile in if he said so.

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