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Set almost entirely in Wales, Framed tells the story of 10-year-old Dylan Hughes and his family's struggle to keep their small petrol station, which sits at the foot of a mountain in North Wales, afloat.

Manod village is a rain-soaked community where hope is thin on the ground, and money even thinner. When Dylan's dad suddenly leaves home, things get even tougher for him, his sisters Minnie and Marie, baby brother Max, and his mother.

Da's departure however, coincides with the secretive arrival of a convoy of men and trucks, who take residence on top of the mountain. The villagers discover that the National Gallery in London has been flooded, and the priceless paintings sent by the lorry load to Wales for safe storage in the bowels of the old slate mine inside Manod mountain (as they were back in the Second World War).

In charge of this is Lester, an intelligent but uptight art curator who prefers paintings to people. That is, until a funny and pivotal misunderstanding leads him to invite Dylan to view the paintings inside the mountain. What ensues is good news for both Lester and the rather depressed town of Manod.

Manod develops an interest in art and Lester develops an interest in Manod, in the form of the lovely Angharad, the local school teacher. Through the transformative power of art, Manod starts to transform itself, beginning with the service station, where Mam and the children revive the flagging fortunes of the petrol station by broadening the services they offer into catering and a coffee bar.

However, despite everybody's best efforts, the petrol station faces closure when the family fail to generate enough cash to keep it going. Could an audacious art theft solve their problems?

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Fri 4 Sep 2009 02:10 BBC One

  • Quentin Lester played by Trevor Eve

    Quentin Lester played by Trevor Eve

    Trevor Eve is one of country's best-known leading actors. In Framed he plays Quentin Lester, a shy curator from the National Gallery, who finds himself in a remote Welsh Village at the centre of a chain of events that will change his life for ever.

    Read an interview with Trevor Eve
  • Angharad Stannard played by Eve Myles

    Angharad Stannard played by Eve Myles

    Eve Myles plays Angharad, the local school teacher who finally manages to win through Lester's reserved nature.

    Read an interview with Eve Myles
  • Photo: Dylan and Minnie Hughes

    Photo: Dylan and Minnie Hughes

    Samuel Davies as Dylan Hughes and Mari Ann Ball as Minnie Hughes.

  • Writer's story: Frank Cottrell Boyce discusses his inspiration

    Framed is based on a true story. During World War Two, Winston Churchill made the safety of the National Gallery Collection a priority. Art is often stolen as loot in wartime and he was determined that it wouldn't happen here. The paintings were taken first of all to a stately home in Wales but this turned out to be on the flight path of bombers heading for the Liverpool docks. So they were taken by truck and hidden in the Welsh slate mines.

    Once a month one of the paintings was sent back to the gallery in London for viewing. I think the thing I found most moving about the whole story was the idea that people would queue up in Blitz conditions just to look at one painting. 75,000 people came to see Noli Me Tangere. The idea of absence - and art's attempt to stop time - was very powerful I thought.

  • Highlights: Framed Clip 1

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    There's a flood in the National Gallery and it's up to Quentin Lester (Trevor Eve) to save the day and the paintings.

  • Highlights: Framed Clip 2

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    One of the girls in Angharad Stannard's (Eve Myles) class lets slip some juicy gossip regarding the newcomer in town.

  • Highlights: Framed Clip 3

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    Quentin Lester (Trevor Eve) gets more than he bargains for when he allows one of the children from the local school a peek at the paintings.

  • Clip: Frank Cottrell Boyce discusses Framed

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    Frank Cottrell Boyce discusses arts, bums and his inspiration for writing Framed in front of a class of schoolchildren at The National Gallery.


Quentin Lester
Trevor Eve
Angharad Stannard
Eve Myles
Dylan Hughes
Samuel Davies
Minnie Hughes
Mari Ann Bull
Bethan Hughes
Nicola Reynolds
Daffyd Hughes
Mark Jones
Marie Hughes
Gwyneth Keyworth
Max Hughes
Ruby Lewis
Max Hughes
Ella Lewis
Marnie Pope
Nina Sosanya
Tom Ellis
Matthew Aubrey
Mr Davis
Robert Pugh
Guy Henry
Gary Evans
Tim Treloar
Jade Evans
Jodi Bird
Andy de Emmony
Richard Burrell
Executive Producer
Jessica Pope


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