On location

Delve deeper into Frozen Planet with behind the scenes and science stories from the series.

  • Adam Scott Adam Scott

    Frozen Planet researcher Adam takes us behind the scenes to a giant glacier calving event.

  • Barrie Britton Barrie Britton

    Cameraman Barrie talks about filming black grouse in the Taiga Forest of Finland.

  • Bernard Buigues Bernard Buigues

    Explorer Bernard is a mammoth-hunter searching the Siberian permafrost for signs of bones.

  • Chadden Hunter Chadden Hunter

    Frozen Planet director Chadden braved temperatures as low as -50 degrees C while filming the series.

  • Dan Rees Dan Rees

    Producer/ director Dan Rees worked on the films about polar people and polar science.

  • Doug Anderson Doug Anderson

    Doug filmed under the ice in the Arctic and Antarctica at a chilly -2 degrees C.

  • Elizabeth White Elizabeth White

    Frozen Planet director Elizabeth filmed penguins, whales and polar people for the series.

  • Fredi Devas Fredi Devas

    Frozen Planet researcher Fredi talks about his experiences filming elephant seals on South Georgia.

  • Jason Roberts Jason Roberts

    Field producer Jason is based in Svalbard, which is famous for its population of polar bears.

  • Jeff Turner Jeff Turner

    Cameraman Jeff talks about the battles on the Barrenlands of Canada.

  • Jeff Wilson Jeff Wilson

    Frozen Planet director Jeff spent four months living among Adelie penguins for the series.

  • John Aitchison John Aitchison

    John talks about his experiences filming wildlife on South Georgia and being stalked by a polar bear.

  • Kathryn Jeffs Kathryn Jeffs

    Producer Kathryn on filming killer whales and polar bears, and getting a seal of approval.

  • Lane Patterson Lane Patterson

    Lane manages the South Pole Greenhouse – an unexpected sight at the bottom of the Earth.

  • Lloyd Peck Lloyd Peck

    Professor Lloyd Peck tells us why the giant starfish of Antarctica are feeling the heat.

  • Mark Smith Mark Smith

    Cameraman Mark filmed wolves, polar bears and Adelie penguins for the series.

  • Pascal Lee Pascal Lee

    NASA scientist Dr Pascal Lee explains why Devon Island in the Arctic is like Mars on Earth.

  • Simon Nash Simon Nash

    Frozen Planet director Simon talks about the spectacular wildlife of South Georgia.

  • Vanessa Berlowitz Vanessa Berlowitz

    Series producer Vanessa Berlowitz talks about the filming of Frozen Planet.

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