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06:35 (00:05) – Chris last night got a taste of fatherhood when Sophie’s niece and nephew stayed over. They were playing the Wii, eating fajitas and scared Chris and Sophie to death when they came in their room at 4am this morning. It’s confirmed Chris’ opinion that he’d sooner have an iPod than a child

06:55 (00:25) – We talk about going out with Jamie Oliver tonight. Dave’s got a dilemma because he’s wondering whether Jamie will have the Sigma Olomouc v Everton game on which kicks off at 5pm. We talk some more about parenthood and the mounting of plasma screens correctly, so that they’re at the right height

07:10 (00:40) – We promote the Muse gig which Radio 1 is covering and the fact that Zane will have more information tonight at 7pm

07:15 (00:45) – Newly married Angelo on the phone talking about his wedding day and the fact that he’s put on 2 pounds, which isn’t too bad

07:25 (00:55) – We talk about Pixie Lott in this month’s FHM, and apparently the photographer that did her pics also photographed Chris yesterday. We think his pics will look different

07:35 (01:05) – We talk a little bit about our parodies, and Chris plays Carrie doing Camilla Ice and some lowlights from Dave and Rachel’s back catalog

07:45 (01:15) – We play the Dizzee Rascal track from Zane last night which is brilliant. Aled and Dave are getting their GCSE results later and like the rest of the UK they’re feeling nervous. Text in now if you’re awaiting results. We also plug the Reading and Leeds and Creamfields coverage only on BBC Radio 1

08:05 (01:35) – Dave and Aled will get their results next

08:15 (01:45) – It’s results time for Dave and Aled. Dave gets a B and a D in Biology and Aled gets an A in Geography

08:35 (02:05) – We announce that Robbie Williams will be on the show soon, and play Angels for everybody to sing along to

08:45 (02:15) – We enjoyed our Angels singalong and reminisce about when Dave sang it while crowd surfing in Stoke on Trent. We debate whether this might ever happen again if we ever go anywhere for a Karaoke tour anywhere soon

09:00 (02:30) – Tedious Link: New Radicals – 'You Get What You Give'

09:05 (02:35) – Chris asks whether Aled getting an A in his GCSE makes him more intelligent than Dave. We should try and arrange an IQ test for them both.

09:20 (02:50) – Chris poses some IQ type questions, including a tricky one involving three men in a bar and hotel room who are awaiting change from a round of drinks

09:35 (03:05) – More tricky IQ style questions involving a dog in the woods

09:45 (03:15) – Carpark Catchphrase with Rachel and Steve. Rachel loses so she’s off at last and Steve is the new champion

10:00 (03:30) – We talk to Jo about going to Reading tomorrow

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