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Billy Kay People's History

5 hours, 30 minutes
First broadcast:
Wednesday 05 August 2009


Timings are approximate and given in hours and minutes from the start of the Zone.

00:01 To Norroway O'er the Fame: The Gothenburg Mentality
00:31 The Scotch South: Sir Walter Scotland
01:02 Merchants, Pedlars, Mercenaries: The Eastland Trade
01:31 The Scotch South: The Carolina Highlanders
02:02 To Norroway O'er the Fame: To Norroway O'er the Fame
02:31 Merchants, Pedlars, Mercenaries: Wait til the Scot comes home
02:57 To Norroway O'er the Fame: Lions of the North
03:33 The Scotch South: Indians and Appalachians
04:03 Merchants, Pedlars, Merchants: I'll Gang an be a Sodger
04:30 The Scotch South: Cracker Culture
05:03 Merchants, Pedlars, Mercenaries: The Baltic Fleet

  • Billy Kay - The Scotch South

    It is a warm April day in Charleston, that most exquisite of Southern cities. At her home, I am recording Beth Campbell who illustrates her dual identity by recalling her daddy's funeral where a piper played a lament at the graveside, then she sang the Southern anthem 'Dixie' in a church full of black and white mourners. She sings it with heart and soul, giving the air an aching beauty.

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  • Billy Kay - To Noroway o'er the Faem

    The lines from the great ballad of Sir Patrick Spens ring down through the centuries as testimony to a shared cultural heritage on both sides of the North Sea. For, beginning with the first Viking attacks on Iona and Skye in the year 795, for over six centuries the Norsemen dominated huge areas of what we now call Scotland.

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  • Billy Kay - A Forgotten Diaspora

    During the 17th century more Scots went to the Baltic lands of Poland and Prussia and from there eastwards into Lithuania and Russia than took part in the massive plantation and settlement of Ulster! Yet it remains very much a forgotten diaspora, except among historians of the region.

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  • Billy Kay - At Hame wi Freedom

    I am sixteen years old and as part of a Scottish schools trip to Russia for students of the language, we are taken to the head of the huge queue snaking round Red Square and allowed to file slowly past the embalmed body of Vladimir Ilich Lenin. Even in death, power seems to emanate from him.

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  • Moscow, July 25, 1968.

    Moscow, July 25, 1968.

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