Hands-on Science

Here’s a stack of Bang video guides and brainteasers to get hands-on with science in your own home.

  • Super CoolSuper Cool

    Proof that science is really cool as Dr Yan demonstrates how to turn water into ice - with a single bang!

  • Rubber EggRubber Egg

    If shelling a raw egg isn't impressive enough, Liz then uses osmosis to turn it into a colourful bouncy ball.

  • Magic of ScienceMagic of Science

    Could it be magic? Not quite, but Dallas has some pretty magical science tricks up his sleeve to wow your friends.

  • Pykrete ChallengePykrete Challenge

    Can you out-engineer Jem? He's on a mission to find the world's strongest pykrete, but maybe you can beat him to it.

  • Investigate the UnknownInvestigate the Unknown

    Dr Yan uses canister rockets (see Fizz Bang) to demonstrate how scientific method is used to investigate the unknown.

  • Fizz BangFizz Bang

    The original pocket rocket. Find out how to fire canister rockets metres into the air, then challenge your friends.

  • Forensic DetectiveForensic Detective

    Can you solve a crime by studying the ink in a note? Dr Yan uses a little forensic science to help catch a thief.

  • Spud MissileSpud Missile

    Forget frying and roasting, the best thing to do with spuds has to be firing! Make one potato go a long long way.

  • Fizzy ExtinguisherFizzy Extinguisher

    Can you fight fire with a fizzy drink? Dr Yan can with his home-made carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

  • Acid CabbageAcid Cabbage

    Turn pink into blue with a single drop - here's some colourful science to find out what's acidic in your kitchen.

  • Egg SuckerEgg Sucker

    Ever wanted to get a whole egg into a glass bottle? Well you will now, with Dr Yan's egg-cellent demonstration.

  • Straw SubmarineStraw Submarine

    It's not big but it is clever. With a few ingredients and Dr Yan's buoyancy lesson, you'll soon be a sub driver.

  • Sugar GlowSugar Glow

    One lump or two, it doesn't matter, as Dr Yan makes sugar glow in the dark - a phenomenon called triboluminescence.

  • Water Bottle RocketsWater Bottle Rockets

    A satisfying whoosh, a high speed lift-off and a good soaking if you're standing too close. What's not to like?

  • Steel WoolSteel Wool

    Here's how to safely set steel wool (also called wire wool) alight using nothing more than a 9V battery.

  • Sticky RiceSticky Rice

    Grains versus gravity. Lift a bottle of rice using only a knife and a little of Dr Yan's science know-how.

  • Double GlazingDouble Glazing

    Double glazed windows can save energy and lower heating costs, but does it make a big difference and how does it work?

  • Squish BottleSquish Bottle

    What happens to something airtight when the air around it changes? Squish foamy stuff with a pressure bottle to find out.

  • Swap ShopSwap Shop

    Vodka and cranberry juice is a classic mixed drink. Here's a pub trick where they don't mix – they swap places.

  • Two Ball BounceTwo Ball Bounce

    Dr Yan shows you how to get much more bounce from a normal tennis ball. Dead simple, and dead impressive!

  • LightspeedLightspeed

    Light's fast, but just how fast? If you have a microwave oven you can work out the speed of light yourself.

  • PlugholesPlugholes

    Many people say that every plughole north of the Equator swirls the same way. Here's how to find out if they're right.

  • Toaster BalloonsToaster Balloons

    Use an ordinary toaster to turn a bin bag into a hot air balloon - how high will yours go? Adult supervision required.

  • Magnetic CopperMagnetic Copper

    Magnets aren't attracted to copper, but when they come together they seem to defy gravity. Weird science indeed!


  • StringString

    Imagine a piece of string wrapped around the Earth's equator - that's about 40,000km. How much MORE string would you need for it to sit 15cm above the ground, all the way around?

  • BoatBoat

    Imagine a boat floating in a lake, and a heavy object such as an anchor (but without a chain) is dropped off the side. What happens to the water level of the lake?

  • MirrorMirror

    Stand close to a vertical bathroom mirror and move back. What happens to your reflection?

  • SpaghettiSpaghetti

    If you bend dry spaghetti until it snaps, how many pieces does it break into?

  • Plane in the windPlane in the wind

    Is a plane's round trip quicker with or without the wind?

  • How can 2=1?How can 2=1?

    Dr Yan tests out a mathematical equation that seems to prove that 2=1.

  •  Money trick Money trick

    Can you fit a 50p coin through a 5p sized hole - without tearing the paper?

  • How to cut a cakeHow to cut a cake

    Can you cut a cake into eight slices with just three straight cuts?

  • Find the lightest beanFind the lightest bean

    Can you find the lightest of 27 beans with just three weighings?

  • Fold me to the MoonFold me to the Moon

    How many times would you need to fold a piece of paper in half before you had a wedge tall enough to reach the Moon?

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