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Sunday 02 August 2009

Jane Little asks why a growing number of Americans are convinced that their President is in the White House illegally. The 'Birther' movement is the latest in a long line of American conspiracy theories; why is America such a fertile home for offbeat movements?

Why are Indianans in a spin over what time it is?

What do Hollywood's animal stars do when they retire?

  • Born in the USA?

    Why do a growing number of Americans believe that their Commander in Chief is not in fact a natural born American citizen? Are the so called "birthers" who question the veracity of Barck Obama's birth certificate dedicated constitutionalists or wacky conspiracy theorists?

  • Joseph Farah

    Joseph Farah is the founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily. Farah is a big proponent of the Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - he argues that the President is not a natural-born citizen of the United States of America. Farah has also written several books about American politics.

  • Angie Holan

    Angie Holan is a staff writer and researcher for PolitiFact.com, an online branch of the St. Petersburg Times. The website researches the amount of truth behind a variety of political claims, ranging from chain emails to direct presidential quotes. The website cleverly reveals its findings on a so-called "Truth-O-Meter."

  • Kathy Olmsted

    Kathy Olmsted is a conspiracy theory scholar and author. She is a University of California, Davis professor of American history, politics and paranoia.

    Kathy Olmsted
  • A Brief History of Time (in Indiana)

    The renowned physicist Stephen Hawking described 13 billion years of the cosmos in a 200-page book, but he had it easy. The history of time - in Indiana - seems a lot more complicated.

    The Indianapolis Star's A Brief History of Time (in Indiana)
  • Free Medical Clinics in Virginia

    Americans often joke that Europeans have terrible teeth but in Central Appalachia (Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and other states) dental problems burden everyone from young to old-- and more severely than anywhere in the United States. Over 47 million Americans are without medical insurance and even those with insurance often don't have dental care. Reporter Connie Stevens takes Americana to a fairground in rural Virginia where a weekend health fair provides free care and medical prescriptions to community members. For some, the fair is a once-yearly chance to address their medical problems.

  • Free Medical Clinics in Virginia

    In Virginia, health fair tends to America's poor (AFP)
  • Me Cheeta

    Cheeta, the chimp star of the Tarzan films, is over 76 years old and enjoying retirement. A new book of fiction purporting to be Cheeta's autobiography is being considered for the Booker Prize- but what about Hollywood's other furry friends- how are they aging? Where have they decided to retire? Host Jane Little talks with Michele Hollow- a journalist with her finger on the pulse of Hollywood's hottest creatures with cold noses.

  • Cheeta

    View pictures of Cheeta
  • Michele C. Hollow

    Michele C. Hollow, a freelance writer, editor, and author, created PetNewsandViews.com, a blog for pet owners and admirers of wild animals.

    Pet News and Views focuses on pet care, wildlife issues, profiles of people who work with animals, and stories about pets and wildlife.



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