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Duration: 55 minutes

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury revisit some of the highlights from the show to date, from braving Britain's only Via Ferrata, an iron walkway allowing walkers to get to part of the Lake District normally reserved for experienced climbers, to ghyll-scrambling and bat-watching in Cornwall.

Jules Hudson proves you don't have to venture far from home by exploring the countryside of mid-Wales where he discovers the secrets of harness-racing and Adam Henson takes a break from his farm to try out wild camping.

  • Via Ferrata

    Julia tests out the UK’s only Via Ferrata based in a disused slate mine at Honister in the Lake District. The network of cables, bridges and ladders reconstructs the route miners would’ve once taken to work. Today the path allows walkers to reach parts of the fells usually only accessible by experienced climbers or mountaineers.

    Honister Slate Mine - Wikipedia
  • Trotting

    If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy this summer, how about trotting? Also known as harness racing, it’s a popular spectator sport. Each race is a mile long and involves at least six horses which can get up to speeds of 30mph. Jules heads for his local training track to give it a go but will his knowledge of horse riding be enough to get him through?

    The British Harness Racing Club website
  • Naked Gardening

    There are as many as 10,000 gardens all over the country which are open to the public. But if you want to get really close to nature, you could head to Abbey House Gardens in Wiltshire. Matt meets naked gardeners Ian and Barbara Pollard and finds out why they believe stripping off is the only way to commune with the natural world.

    Abbey House Gardens website
  • Bat groups

    If wildlife’s your thing, then summer is the best time to catch a glimpse of one of nature’s most elusive creatures. And there are plenty of bat walkers all over the country to get you going. Julia heads to the Tamar Valley in Cornwall in search of one of our rarest species - the Greater Horseshoe Bat

    Bat Conservation Trust website: Find your local bat group
  • Lake District: Fix the Fells campaign

    With the Lake District now one of the most visited areas in the UK outside London, there is a price to pay. Path erosion on the fells can be a real problem and Matt lends a hand to the Fix the Fells project which uses a helicopter to transport the stone needed to do the repairs. It’s one of hundreds of conservation project across the country which depend on volunteers.

    How to volunteer with the Fix the Fells campaign
  • Wild camping

    Camping is one of the the best ways to enjoy the British countryside and if you want to get really close to nature then wild camping may be just the ticket. The idea is to camp without any creature comforts - so no flushing toilets or shower blocks. But how do you know where to set up your tent and how to camp responsibly? Daffyd Morris-Jones is a farmer but he also teaches outdoor activities and skills. He shows Adam Henson and his son, Alfie, what it takes to be a wild camper. Their adventure takes an unexpected turn – and it’s all down to the British weather.

    The Happy Campers website: Tips for really wild camping
  • Shire Horses

    For over 25 years, Staintondale Shire Horse Farm has been teaching people about the historic importance of shire horses to agriculture. But this long running tourist attraction may itself become a part of history. Julia finds out more when she gets close up and personal with the gentle giants of the countryside.

    Staintondale Shire Horse Farm website
  • Countryfile Photo Competition

    The entries for this year’s Countryfile photographic competition are coming in thick and fast. Once again, John Craven leads a panel of judges which includes comedienne Jo Brand and the wildlife presenter and photographer Chris Packham. If you’re a keen photographer it’s still not too late to send in your entry, so don’t forget to keep your camera to hand.

    Read the competition rules
  • Devil's Bridge Falls

    Jules Hudson explores a spectacle which is right on his doorstep – the Devil's Bridge Falls, set in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains.

    Devil's Bridge Falls website
  • Ghyll Scrambling

    Cumbria is in the running to become the UK’s 'Adventure Capital', and Ghyll Scrambling is one extreme sport that may just help it get there. It involves travelling through mountain streams by sliding, jumping and scrambling down a series of naturally-formed obstacles. If you’re looking for a way to cool down this summer, you might want to give it a go.

    What is Ghyll Scrambling? - Mobile Adventure website
  • Nordic Walking

    If you’ve still got some energy left after all the above activities, then maybe Nordic Walking is the sport for you. It's one of the fastest growing forms of exercise. Essentially, it involves walking with poles, but in doing so it offers an all-over body workout and uses 20 per cent more energy than normal walking. Matt and Julia give it a go on a walk to the Long Man of Wilmington, located on the South Downs in East Sussex.

    Nordic Walking UK website


Julia Bradbury
Matt Baker
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