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Episode 14

Three teams of adventurers are stranded on an exotic tropical island thousands of miles away from the humdrum world of school, friends, and family. They learn to cope with this extraordinary new life, bonding and bickering with their team-mates and rivals, as well as competing in a series of awe-inspiring challenges.

The challenge in this programme is called Daredevil Drop. The adventurers must make their way back and forth across a deep gorge on difficult-to-ride 'hand bikes'. The Island has made things tougher as they must carry heavy weights between their feet while racing to free a hot-air balloon basket suspended on cables. The team that cause the basket to plummet to the jungle floor win. This challenge is so tough that even Stevie struggles to keep going!

Plus, the Island has a final devastating surprise in store for one of the teams.

The final Island Torch is up for grabs. Can Venom win it? What else has the Island got in store for the adventurers?

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Sat 17 Apr 2010 14:00