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Monday 22nd June 2009

06.30 – News and Sport

06:35 – Today we’re being filmed live on the internet , so you can see what we all look like. Chris had an amazing day at the Grand Prix yesterday. He was helicoptered in and got to go down the pit lane and in the garages. There’s a new voice on the news jingle, which Chris thinks sounds like Dave

06:59 – Many people are asking what Dom’s desktop picture is. It’s an image of Chappers and Austrian composer Franz Schubert looking a bit like Dave. Chris asks people to text in now if they think the new news jingle sounds like Dave

07:00 - News and Sport

07:05 – Chris wants Dave to demonstrate his new 'motor-way' or 'motor-nay' game from the weekend. Dom plays and gets up to the M10. Carrie then takes over and gets to the M18

07:20 – Chris asks Dave about his GCSE Biology paper which he did on Friday. The video is currently online if you want to see it. Dave thinks he might just about scrape an ‘E’ although he stuffed up a question about an arctic fox

07:30 - News and Sport

07:35 – We read out some texts from people who have got GCSEs today, and Chris talks about his Twitter popularity which has not gone over the 200,000 mark. Dom doesn’t know what parkin is, and weirdly looks like a cartoon dog when he’s got his headphones on. We demonstrate this further by attaching paper ears onto his headphones

07:50 – We discuss the Katie Price and Peter Andre situation and what she’s up to. Chris says he’s there for both of them if they want it. Both being Katie and Peter. Chris and Dave then run down the chart from 10 to 1

08:00 - News and Sport

08:05 – We talk about Dom being under the thumb and his weird village

08:20 – Chris has just been talking to Sima Kotecha who’s just got back from Afghanistan. She says we’re very popular out there and Chris should do the show from Camp Bastian. Chris says he’d rather do Strictly Come Dancing than face the Taliban, but is willing to send Folkface out on his behalf, and sign some DJ cards for the troops

08:30 - News and Sport

08:35 – Take That are getting rave reviews around the country and we’re going to see them in a couple of weeks, and putting an hour of the concert out live

08:45 – Chris wonders whether Gary would sing 'Dave Spoke To Me' when they do Greatest Day on the current tour. Aled is here and has noticed that people are horrible on the free texts, and Dave has got big honk

09:00 – Tedious Link – Feeder 'Seven Days In The Sun'

09:05 – Matt Fincham is here so we talk about his hair and what a great personality he has. Also Aled has upset Chris by saying he’s not a friendly person. Aled also upsets him by calling a celt.

09:25 – Chris has got his weigh in tomorrow and needs to lose 2 pounds, but doesn’t know hot to do it. He asks the team and the world for advice

09:30 - News and Sport

09:35 – Chris met Wing Commander Jazz Hawker at the Grand Prix yesterday, who’s offered him a flight on board with the Red Arrows. He always talks about the helicopter pilot who flew him into Silverstone, having the code Pink Pink on the radio as they approached

09:50 – Cheggers' Pop Quiz with Emma and David; amazingly Emma wins and is back on tomorrow

10:00 – We talk to Jo about her book which is out today, and Piers’ impression of an American man

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