James and the Giant Tree

Professional tree climber James Aldred climbs one of Britain's tallest trees, a giant redwood affectionately called Goliath, and sleeps in its branches.

James has always loved climbing trees. The first time he used ropes to climb Goliath, he was 16 years old; he was absolutely terrified and didn't get further than the first branch. In this programme he returns to climb the tree, even spending the night in a hammock two thirds of the way up.

Also, one of Britain's leading tree experts, Tony Russell, offers an insight into the history and natural history of the giant redwood, or Wellingtonia as it is also known. The largest of them grow in the United States, but they have become icons in the British countryside since their introduction in the 18th century.

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Wed 17 Jun 2009 21:00

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