Medicine Cabinet

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Episode 2 of 4

Duration: 1 hour

Professor Regan goes behind the pharmacy counter to find out if the millions we spend every year on products from cold remedies to herbal medicines are worth it.

Drawing on her own experience both as a doctor and as a breast cancer patient, Professor Regan discovers the real secret behind branded painkillers, reveals if homeopathy is a complete waste of money, investigates the ultimate cure for the common cold and tries out a test that could save your life.

As a doctor who has delivered hundreds of babies, Professor Regan knows a bit about pain relief. She knows that both generic and branded painkillers often contain exactly the same drugs - aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. So she is amazed when an investigation into the power of branded drugs reveals they may really have an edge over the generic.

Professor Regan also turns her eye on alternative remedies, from homeopathy to herbal medicines. She designs her very own successful sleep remedy, gets to the truth behind homeopathic medicine, and uncovers which herbal remedies have clinical evidence that really stands up. Along the way, she discovers just how powerful the placebo effect can be.

Finally, Professor Regan turns to her own experiences as a patient. Early detection and prevention of disease is where the latest medical breakthroughs lie - so it is no surprise self-testing kits and health checks are the most recent marketing success story. Professor Regan puts herself under the microscope to discover which ones are really worth the price.


Lesley Regan
Emma Jay
Emma Jay
Executive Producer
Andrew Cohen


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