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Saturday 25 April 2009

Real life stories in which listeners talk about the issues that matter to them. Fi Glover is joined by performance artist Bobby Baker, with poetry from Kate Fox.

  • Studio Guest: Bobby Baker

    Studio Guest: Bobby Baker

    Bobby Baker inspires in fans and viewers of her art the kind of appreciation and respect that only ever comes from hitting the nail on the head and reflecting some element of universal truth. She takes on the domestic detail of life and makes us look at what the minutiae of it brings to us. Her art deals with feminism, the dark side of life, domesticity, the continual growing pains of life and how the mundane can be so very beautiful. Her diary drawings are currently on show at the Wellcome Trust in London in an exhibition entitled Mental Illness and Me.

    Bobby's exhibition at the Wellcome Collection
  • Bobby Baker's Website

    Daily Life Ltd
  • Topical Stories: Professional Gambler

    Topical Stories: Professional Gambler

    Patrick Veitch is a professional gambler – and a spectacularly successful one – winning himself more than 10 million pounds in one 8 year period alone. Ten million, and forty nine thousand, nine hundred and eighty three pounds and three p. To be exact.

    'Enemy Number One' by Patrick Veitch is published by Racing Post

  • Extraordinary Stories: Fire Investigator

    Extraordinary Stories: Fire Investigator

    David Townsend is a former Met police officer who served over 30 years in the London fire brigade, over a decade spent in the investigation unit. He now works as a private fire investigator. At the moment he is involved in looking at the fire in the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad which took hold after the terrorist attack there.

    David Townsend's website
  • Guerrilla Report: Hip Hop

    Guerrilla Report: Hip Hop

    Ever since he saw Run DMC on Live Aid in 1985 Andy Hill has LOVED hip hop. So if you've never understood the appeal, sit back and let Andy take you on a journey through sound.

  • Inheritance Tracks: Peter Purves

    Inheritance Tracks: Peter Purves

    Former Blue Peter presenter, Peter Purves inherited 'Over The Wings Of A Dove' by Kenneth Purves, The Boy Soprano and he passed on 'You Took Advantage Of Me' by Elaine Stritch.

  • Poet: Kate Fox

    Poet: Kate Fox

    Kate Fox is a poet, comedian and performance and writing facilitator based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Kate's MySpace page
  • Poem: The Psychiatrist's Confession

    I'm here to give you a label,

    I'm here to give you a diagnosis,

    Putting you in a psychological category,

    It's just my little neurosis.

    Someone who analyses fires

    is a Pyrobrainiac,

    a person who loves records more than cuddles,

    you'd be a Decks maniac

    Liking Hardy not Laurel-


    A hater of quiche-


    Are you someone who has difficulty deciding which side of the cheek

    to present during social greetings?

    You're Kisslexic.

    Have urges to tread in drying concrete;


    Get annoyed if climbing vines aren't neat;


  • poem cont'd

    Believe you need to get another dog to stop your first one feeling down?

    You're suffering Twopets syndrome,

    Glad never to leave one particular Lanashire town?

    That's Stockport syndrome.

    Yes, there's lots more personality disorders

    than were previously known.

    Going to Gregg's more than once a week?

    You might be Piecotic.

    Washing your car give you all the joy you seek?

    You're probably Auto erotic.

    Belgian accent and a curly, black tache?

    You must be Poirotnoid,

    Like visiting graveyards and churches and sometimes get the urge

    to dust pew rails and take church vows;

    AsVergers Syndrome,

    Your heart beats faster when you walk through a field of cows;

    Bullimia Nervosa

    Get a buzz from honey?

    You're a beedophile,

    Quantum physics and vegetarian cream cheese part of your style?

    That's Quarkolepsy

    Frankly couldn't give a damn?

    Rhett Butler syndrome.

    I'm here to give you a label,

    give you a diagnosis,

    putting you in a psychological category,

    is just my little neurosis.


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    Celebrating the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations.

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    Inheritance Tracks 2008-2011

    Celebrating the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations.

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