The Big Cheese

Boxer and Doberman, Series 1 Episode 3 of 4

Detective Inspector Bob Boxer falls into the clutches of an old sadistic adversary. At first he resists the pressure to go over to the "other side" and swell the ranks of Villains Incorporated. But when his enemies exploit one of his deepest childhood fears, even Bob's cast-iron will begins to crack like a caramel log. Might a good cop go to the bad?

Alastair Jessiman's gritty comedy police drama stars Finlay Welsh as DI Bob Boxer, Anita Vettesse as DC Shona Doberman and James Bryce as DCI Paton.

DC Shauna Doberman is regarded as the smart one in the crime-fighting duo, whilst DI Bob Boxer is the grizzled old-school cop, who aims to reach the right conclusion.

Producer: David Jackson Young.

Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra by BBC Radio Scotland.

First broadcast in March 2009.

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