Medical Isotopes - The End of Harappa

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Quentin Cooper hears about medical isotopes, one of the staples of modern medicine which allow doctors to track down damaged tissue and diseased organs.

These radioactive tracers are in danger of vanishing from our medical shelves because the ageing nuclear reactors that they are made in keep breaking down. Quentin talks to a supplier of medical isotopes and a leading user, to hear about our need for these chemicals and what can be done to ensure their availability.

The End of Harappa
Four and a half thousand years ago, one of the great civilisations in the world thrived in the north western corner of the Indian subcontinent.

Great, intricately ordered cities like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were home to tens of thousands citizens. And then within five hundred years the Harappan civilisation faded away.

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