Sierra Nevada - New Delhi

John McCarthy talks to an Indian journalist living and working in Britain and a British journalist living and working in India about their respective travel experiences, and explores an area of Spain on the Eastern Mediterranean coast little known even by the Spanish.

Sanjay Suri is a journalist and author of a book Brideless in Wembley – in search of Indian England, which details his travels through Indian communities in Britain and Justine Hardy is a writer and journalist who lives both in Delhi and Britain, her second book Scoop-Wallah was the story of her time on an Indian newspaper in Delhi.

Spain is a popular tourist and travel destination but it still retains many little know places for the curious visitor. One apparently overlooked area is on the Eastern Mediterranean coast in the province of Castellón. Jason Webster has created, with his Spanish wife, not only a home but a garden in an area ravaged by fire and drought. Jason wrote an account of his dream come true story in a new book entitled Sacred Sierra, A Year on a Spanish Mountain.

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