Science and the Recession

Science and the Recession
In this week’s Nature a commentary by 8 thinkers on their view of how science has and will be affected by the current global economic crisis. Ian Taylor MP is chair of the conservative party’s science and engineering policy review group. He explains why he thinks more emphasis should be put into promoting and encouraging applied, ‘mission based’ science.

Childhood Memory: Karl Sabbagh
Just how reliable is our memory and just how far back into our childhood can we reliably remember? Geoff talks to Karl Sabbagh, author of Remembering Our Childhood: How Memory Betrays Us about the reliability of childhood and adult memory.

Memory in the Dock
Martin Conway from the University of Leeds discusses recent guidelines issued by the British Psychological Society, developed to give people who work in law with the latest scientific evidence advice about memory and the potential pitfalls of using evidence based on memory in the courts.

Ageing and Memory
As we age, our memories can often fail us. Why might the food we eat and particularly sugar be partly responsible? Molly Bentley reports from the United States about 2 studies exploring how human memory fails and why the food we eat may affect it.

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