Gaza: Out of the Ruins

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Duration: 30 minutes

As Israel prepares to vote on its future, the BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen travels through a devastated Gaza to ask where the recent Operation Cast Lead now leaves the future of the region.

With feelings running high on all sides, Bowen follows extraordinary personal stories across the frontline, and pieces together rival claims about war crimes and the targeting of civilians.

And he asks whether the 22-day offensive has really weakened the Hamas movement, or if the violence has simply sowed the seeds of further bloodshed.

  • Gaza – Out Of The Ruins

    The BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen travels through a devastated Gaza to ask what the conflict means for the region's future.

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  • Bowen Assesses The Aftermath

    The BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen visited Gaza to hear the stories of some of those whose lives were affected by Israel's war with Hamas.

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  • Tackling conflict through theatre

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    In the wake of the Gaza conflict, the Cameri Theatre from Tel Aviv has been performing at the Barbican in London. Its play, Plonter, which means tangle in Hebrew, looks at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from perspectives on both sides.
    Panorama went to speak to the Israeli-Jewish director and writer Yael Ronen and Yousef Sweid, an Arab-Israeli actor.

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