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Alistair's at Bridge Farm, looking at a cow with Tony. He commiserates about the pollution problem, as Eddie arrives to offer his help with it. Clarrie's told him it's urgent. They look at the cracks in the concrete. Eddie thinks it looks like an asteroid's hit. He'll dig down and look, assuring Tony it'll be a precision job. Pat comes out, pleased that Eddie's there, but saying that Rodways don't have their drain plans. How frustrating, says Eddie - a few weeks back, the Estate would have paid for the repair.

Shula is at Ambridge Organics. She tells Helen how upset Daniel is about the burglary. The police think it's an opportunist crime but she's not sure. Tom arrives with a delivery and Helen asks him to stay for coffee. She asks if he's apologised to Hannah yet, which he hasn't. She also asks what he thinks about Bridge Farm's pollution. Tom hasn't given it much thought. Helen tells him they need to get involved, if they want to inherit the farm in one piece.

At the Stables, Shula's still worrying about forgetting the alarm, and their insurance. She's also wondering why them? Uncomfortable Alistair tells her to stop. It's not a nice thing to have happened, but they've got to move on.

Episode written by Graham Harvey.

Release date:

15 minutes

Last on

Fri 13 Feb 2009 14:00

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