Bombers' Moon

The Man in Black, Series 1 Episode 5 of 5

Soldiers Jarvis, Carr and Nisbet are stranded in a remote outpost in Afghanistan. They've run out of supplies, trapped by a blizzard, and the man who was going to get help should have been back hours ago. If that weren't bad enough, they're shut in with Corporal Rashid. They're sure he's a Jonah - pure bad luck. They're a sitting target for the enemy, but there's something worse coming for them through the snowy mountains. Something much, much worse...

Lucy Kirkwood's tale is introduced by Mark Gatiss as sinister raconteur, The Man in Black.

Stars Gunnar Cauthery as Jarvis, Mark Bonnar as Carr, Fingal McKiernan as Nisbet, Inam Mirza as Rashid, Robert Lonsdale as Keefe and Manjeet Mann as the female voice.

Horrifying series of tales from The Man in Black. You might meet him at a luggage carousel in an airport, or behind the desk at an employment agency or he might approach you in the corridor of a care home.

Wherever you encounter him, he's eager to pass on his stories. Stories to unsettle and horrify. Stories to haunt you.

The Man In Black first appeared in the 1940s as the chilling voice who introduced a series of terrifying radio dramas. He returned on Radio 4 in the 1970s and then again in the late 80s/early 90s.

Producer: Abigail le Fleming

Made for BBC Radio 7 and first broadcast in 2009.

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