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Duration: 22 minutes

Drama set in the beautiful Australian beach resort of Manly. Daniel is furious after he finds out what happened between Lucia and Fletch. Tracy has her operation, but on regaining consciousness she doesn't recognise anyone.


Gabby West
Sophie Katinis
Bec Quilter
Renai Caruso
Jarrod O'Donnell
Clayton Watson
Poppy Hammond
Katherine Hicks
Tracy O'Donnell
Charlotte Gregg
Ian 'Stavva' Jones
Ryan Johnson
Addo O'Donnell
Daniel Henshall
Peta Lee
Daisy Betts
Ron O'Donnell
Noel Hodda
Paul O'Donnell
Nathaniel Buzolic
Zoe O'Donnell
Charlie-Rose MacLennan
Pia Jones
Zoe Carides


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